Sensitive Teeth

Care for Your Teeth Sensitivity

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? Our caring professionals will find a personalized solution for you.


Understanding Dental Sensitivity

Many patients develop a common condition called dentin hypersensitivity, which results in a sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, sour, brushing or flossing. Dentin is a layer of your tooth under the hard enamel surface that had nerve endings that can be responsive to temperature, acidic foods, touch and other factors. Thankfully, we can reduce your dental sensitivity by treating underlying dental problems and be recommending specialized toothpastes and treatments.


Tips to Prevent Teeth Sensitivity

We recommend that you maintain your regular brushing regimen while using a soft bristle brush. You should brush at a 45-degree angle and in a circular motion, avoiding back and forth motions. When eating foods that soften enamel, you should wait a while before brushing. You may want to reduce your intake of highly acidic food and rinse with water after eating them.

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