Sedation Dentistry

Our Approach to Sedation Dentistry

We understand that many people avoid the dentist because they’ve either had a traumatic experience in the past, or feel that no one can help them, but we can! Maple & Mapleview Dental’s team of doctors are able to provide complete comfort for you during your visit with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and/or mild oral sedation.


The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry affords our patients greater comfort and convenience of care. The use of nitrous oxide renders a patient completely at ease, but conscious, so that dental procedures can be performed with the patient able to provide responses. We work diligently to ensure we can resolve as many issues as we can in one comfortable visit. It’s important to us to help our patients experience unparalleled oral care so they can avoid any additional overall health issues.

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